Here are some frequently asked questions about farm consulting and how we can support you.

We offer consulting services to conventional dairy farms and heifer ranches as well as grazing dairy, beef, and mixed-species operations.

We do not give quotes over the phone. We find it more advantageous to the farm owner to receive quotes in writing. By having quotes in writing, farm owners are able to see all the services they will be receiving in detail and what each service will cost. In so doing, there are less questions and confusions. What you see is what you will get and what you will be charged, no surprises.

To provide an accurate quote for what a project will cost we schedule free consultations to assess your needs and the needs of your farm. A proposal will then be made and services offered thereafter. In general, our hourly rate for Consulting Services is $75/hr.

For on-going consulting services, we use ACH or direct bank transfer for payments. This avoids fees associated with swiping cards and guarantees payment to us while avoiding late fees for you. Plus, you don't have to be bothered by us looking for payment.

For one-time jobs or projects, we accept check or card payments. Card payments incur a 2.9% fee to the client.

Payment terms depend on the services offered, but in general a deposit is required at time of contract agreement and full payment due prior to services. For on-going services, payment is due the 1st of every month. We offer discounts for multi-month billing!

Consultants are a useful tool to provide an outside way of thinking and resource bank to you and your employees. They are 3rd party specialists that can help communicate the needs of management down to the individual employee in a way that can gain the trust and confidence of employees to achieve goals as a team. This is especially true where there is a language barrier.

We do both! As part of our consultation services, we offer to train your management team or even your employees/departments. All consultants are fluent in Spanish

Our services are tailored to you and your needs. If a one-time farm visit is needed to assess areas for improvement and present ideas to achieve goals, we can provide that service. If on-going farm audits are needed, we can provide those as well.

Our consultants will leave an initial assessment at the end of the visit. A final, detailed report or plan can be expected within 7 days of the visit.

Just like businesses change, contracts can also be amended to add services to your program.

Contracts are tools that offer protections for all parties involved, set in stone services offered as well as expectations for all parties, and lay out a plan for how services will be rendered.

Our first consultation will be on the phone unless video is desired. When services are rendered, video meetings can be utilized if they are the optimal way to provide productive results to the client. Otherwise, our meetings are in-person onsite.

We offer services as often as the client needs whether they be monthly, quarterly, yearly, or as necessary.

Open, honest, complete communication is at the center of any high achieving team. Business owners aren't in the business to be mediocre, rather to excel as far as they are able to. Bray Financial & Consulting will provide tools, resources, and ideas to help your farm succeed by achieving its goals.

We are here to help you.