About Mike, our BFC Dairy Consultant

Mike Bray, Dairy Consultant and Bookkeeper. smiling and green field in background

Mike brings over ten years of experience in the dairy industry in every dairy system (freestalls, open lots, grazing, etc.)

After graduating from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, Mike became the Assistant Manager of the Bearden Dairy Research Center at Mississippi State University. While there, he helped start their grazing dairy and conducted the first research trial on the grazing herd, comparing by-pass protein utilization efficiency in grazing vs. conventional systems.
Since then, Mike has managed herds ranging from 400 to 6500 cows on New Zealand-style grazing, open lots, and other farms.

He consults with dairies on parlor and milking herd management, milk quality, automation, hoof health, maternity and transition, and employee training, management, and retention; and consults grazing systems on grazing strategies and forage utilization efficiency.

Check out the results he has helped dairies achieve by clicking here.

Some of our consulting services:

Farm Visits

One of our consultants will visit your farm and observe an area or department that you would like them to evaluate for you. A presentation will be created and presented to you and your management team. If desired, this presentation and/or any associated training can be presented to employees. Our consultants are fluent in Spanish.

Farm Audits

One of our consultants will visit your farm and observe any and all departments you and your management team desire. We will track benchmarks that your departments are performing at vs desired. A report will then be submitted to you and your management team for evaluation and action.

Start-up or Expansion Plans

One of our consultants will visit your current or future farm site to view your current plan and discuss your thoughts and ideas moving forward. A visit will then be scheduled to view a farm of similar size and/or that utilize similar practices to better plan for farm start-up or expansion. Our consultant will then prepare and present a start-up or expansion plan to you and your team.

SOPs and Other Farm Protocols

One of our consultants will visit with you and your management team to assess the current protocols in place and what improvements are desired. Our consultant will assist you and your team in creating an SOP or protocol. Then our consultant will design the proper protocol documents to be displayed on-site, given to employees during orientation, etc.

Application and Integration of New Product and Technologies

We partner with Dairy sales and service companies to help farms integrate new products and technologies.

Areas We Specialize In


  • Parlor and Milking Herd Management
  • Milk Quality
  • Automation
  • Hoof Health
  • Maternity and Transition
  • Employee Training, Management, and Retention

Grazing Systems

  • Intensive Rotational Grazing
  • Continuous Grazing
  • Strip Grazing
  • Forage Utilization Efficiency